How to make a Paper Black Panther claws ~ Origami DiyFunLife


Things we need to make Paper Black Panther claws.
1. Paper: printer paper (Size: A4)

Now we are making Paper Black Panther claws using White color A4 size paper.
Step 1 : Position the paper vertically. Fold the top right corner down until it touches the left-hand side of the page. Make upside triangle. Make downside V Shape. You now have a nice triangle to work with.

Step 2 : Grab the left corner and fold it over to the opposite side. Turn this new shape over. Grab the same left corner from the previous step and fold it over again. Grab the same corner you folded from the previous step and tuck it into the sleeve.

Step 3 : Slide your finger into the claw. Gently pinch and fold down the tip of the claw horizontally. and…you’re done! Don’t forget to play safe, these claws are sharp!


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