How to make a paper Blowgun ~ DiyFunLife


Things we need to make Paper Blowgun.
1. Paper: printer paper (Size: A4)
2. Scissors
3. tape

Now we are making Blowgun using Red color A4 size paper.
Step 1 : Get a sheet of printer paper. Roll the paper, lengthwise, into a thin tube. The tube should be about the width of your finger. You can also roll the paper around a pen, pencil. Wrap a piece of tape around the middle and both ends of the paper tube.

Step 2 : Cut several rectangles out of plain paper. Wrap the rectangle into a tight cone, starting from the upper left-hand side. Wrap a piece of tape around the cone to hold it together.

Step 3 : Pull the dart out of the blowgun and trim it down, if needed. Hold the blowgun up to your lips, and point it at your target. Give the blowgun a sharp, quick blow.


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