How To Make a paper INFINITY CUBE ~ DiyFunLife


Things we need to make paper INFINITY CUBE.
1. 8 groups of 6 pieces of square (6×6 CM) paper
2. Ruler
3. Transparent tape
4. Pencil

Let’s Make paper INFINITY CUBE
Step 1 : Folding a Face of the Cube. Make marking as shown(this marking is made because no crease should be made on that line) .Fold one edge to the drawn line and crease. both edges creased. Marking mid line. Fold either edges and creasing. Flip it over and you have a side of a cube. Repeat five more times using different colors.

Step 2 : you are basically creating a small 3-D cube by interlacing each of the folded squares. Repeat steps until you have 8 perfect little 3-D cubes. Place all 8 boxes in 2 rows with the same color showing. Sticky tape the 2 boxes at each end together, horizontally. Pull the hinge back on each end and sticky tape the opposite side.

Step 3 : Fold the two ends back to the same color and pick up all 8 blocks and place them on the side. Now, sticky tape the 2 boxes at each end together. Pull the hinge back on both ends and tape the other side. Pick up all 8 boxes and turn over to the other side. Stick the remaining 4 blocks together.

Step 4 : Ta dah… you are done!


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