How to make a paper Wallet – Origami Wallet ~ DiyFunLife


1. Paper: printer paper (Size: A4)
2. Scissors

Now we are making paper Wallet using blue color A4 size paper.
Step 1 : We need a paper sheet (A4 format). Fold the bottom edge to the upper one.unfold. Fold in half. unfold. Fold the left and right edges to the center line. Unfold the left part and fold the edge to this line.

Step 2 : Fold the sheet in half. Fold the upper corner to the crease. Unfold the corner and cut it off.

Step 3 : Unfold and fold it again. Fold the bottom edge up 1 cm. Rotate and repeat the previous step.

Step 4 : Unfold and fold it again as per showing. Unfold and insert the edges into the pockets. The wallet is completed.


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