How to Make a Transforming Ninja Star! (8-Pointed) – Origami ~ DiyFunLife


Things we need to make Transforming Ninja Star (8-Pointed)
1. Paper: Square paper (Size: 9×9 cm) 8 pieces

Step 1: With one of the four squares, fold it in half by folding the upper left corner to the bottom right corner, then unfold. Fold in half diagonally the other way, then unfold. Fold the top half backwards, then unfold. Poke the center with your finger so that it pops in. Fold the upper left corner to the center, but don’t fold pass the center divider.

Step 2: Fold the bottom left corner to the center.Fold the upper half to the lower half while inverting the right crease to the center. Go to Next page to continue with the origami transforming ninja star instructions. Make 7 more of these for a total of 8.

Step 3: Put one blade between the double flaps of another blade. Just like in the picture.Fold in the flaps of the left blade to lock the right blade into place. Then pull down the right blade so it locks at the end.Add another blade to the flaps of the right one and also lock that into place. Keep adding and locking blades untill all 8 blades are used.Lock the last to the first blade and you have yourself a frisbee.


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