How to Make Paper Shirt and Tie ~ DiyFunLife Origami Tutorial


Things we need to make Paper Tie and Shirt.
1. Paper: printer paper (Size: A4)
2. Fevistick

Now first we are making Shirt using blue color A4 size paper.
Step 1
: Start with a rectangular sheet of paper. Fold it in half lengthwise and unfold. This gives you a central crease down the middle of the sheet. Fold the left and right edges of the sheet towards the middle. This gives two flaps.

Make Paper Shirt and Tie

Step 2 : Fold the right flap out towards the right side. The exact location or steepness of the fold is not critical. Try somewhere between a quarter to a half way down the sheet.Repeat of the other side: fold the left flap out towards the left at an angle. This forms a “V” shape where the paper is peeled away from the central crease.

Step 3 : Turn the paper and flip over so the “V” is on the bottom and is facing down towards the table. Valley fold (about one inch) of the top edge down towards you.Flip the paper again so the “V” is now facing up. Fold the right corner of the paper towards the middle crease.Repeat with the left side: fold the top left corner towards the center allowing the two corners to meet in the middle.

Step 4 : Bring the bottom of the paper up and slide it under the collar. Now you can see formed the sleeves of the shirt.Press the bottom of the shirt firmly and you’re done!

Now we are making Tie using red color square paper.
Step 1 : Start with a 5″ x 5″ piece of paper. Take any two opposite corners and fold to create a triangle. Then, unfold. This will leave a diagonal crease down the center of your square.Take one outside corner and fold it in so that the edge matches up with the diagonal crease you just created.Flip it over.Take the top point and fold it towards you, almost halfway down.

Step 2 : Take that point and fold it towards the top, stopping just short of the edge of the paper.One more fold on this side! Take that point AND the under flap and fold it upwards. This is the knot of the tie.Final steps coming up for the tie! 😉 First, flip the project over. Next, take the outside of the paper and match its edge with the middle crease.Repeat with the other side.

Step 3 : You did it! Just flip the tie under the collar of your paper origami shirt and you are good to go! And congratulations! You just made an origami tie!


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