How To Make Paper Spinning Top (लट्टू) Which Can Rotate In Speed – Diy Fun Life


Step1 : Take two square papers with different color. And then we have to fold both of them like shown below in screenshot.

Step2 : Then we have to fold two corners of the papers in triangle shape. Make sure you have to fold both sides, for better understanding you have to look below image.

Step3: Now we are are going to place both papers on one another and then we have to fold left side shape to the center. Same as down side to center fold and right side to center fold. In last we have to fold upper side red part of shape in to below of left side folded part so that it becomes lock and look like a square craft.

Step 4: I think now you get to know that how it’s so easy to make Spinning Top. In this step we have to make hole in center of craft we made and then put a matchstick match inside it so Spinning Top will gonna spin on it.


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